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September 2018

As we roll into fall, we remind you that you still have time to focus on training before your Loss Control audit in early 2019. Get the details, requirements, and resources available to help earn credits that can be used to offset your annual contribution or purchase needed safety items.

Communities sometimes jump at the chance to acquire properties at a very low price or through a donation. However, what appears to be a great deal can sometimes become a costly headache. You’ll want to read our article on “Donated and Dollar Properties: Risk Considerations for Buying or Accepting Unknown Properties,” before acquiring any “bargain” properties for your entity.

One of the best ways to reinforce training is to be tested. Our bi-monthly safety quizzes are a tool to keep employees on track to safety goals. Read why our members like them and how they can be incorporated into your safety program.

We recognize Mike Wagner, Claims Manager for 15 years of service. Get to know more about Mike and what he thinks is special about CIRSA in our milestone profile.

Tami Tanoue, Executive Director

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