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We are a member-owned organization, which means that you have influence over the programs and services we provide.

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Self-insurance pools like CIRSA are different-very different-from commercial carriers.  We are a member-owned organization, which means that you have influence over the programs and services we provide.  Since CIRSA is a public entity, we don’t sell through brokers, and have no motive other than serving our members.  Our members’ interests always come first.

CIRSA Membership Advantage

  • Partnership—We proactively identify and manage risk, improve the claims experience and work collaboratively with all members to cut losses.
  • An Equity Stake that Builds—Your contribution buys an equity interest in CIRSA that can increase every year, potentially lowering your future contributions.
  • Essential Risk Management Services—Our experienced staff and training team deliver loss prevention, claims, and coverage assistance services unmatched by traditional carriers. 
  • Public Entity Expertise—For more than 30 years, we’ve served only Colorado municipalities and affiliated public entities. We understand your needs and provide coverage programs specifically developed to meet them.
  • Friendly, Personal Attention—You’ll work with a dedicated team of risk management professionals who are ready to help by taking some of the work and worry off your shoulders.

Only Colorado municipalities and their affiliated public entities are eligible for CIRSA membership.



Any municipality that is a member of the Colorado Municipal League can join CIRSA.


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Public Entities

Your public entity must meet these three criteria:

  1. Be a “public entity” as defined in the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act (counties and school districts are not eligible for membership);
  2. Have an intergovernmental agreement in effect with a CIRSA member municipality for the provision of one or more functions, services, or facilities that are lawfully authorized to both your entity and the municipality; and
  3. Have consent from the CIRSA member municipality to participate.