Our 2025 Property/Casualty and Workers' Compensation Renewal Application will be available through Tuesday, June 11th.+

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It's Really About You.

Your Risk Management Partner

Everything we do is aimed at helping you better serve your community, do your job better and prevent claims from happening. We start from the top with training and education for elected officials and boards. For your employees, we have built and continue to enrich resources ranging from on-the-job safety training to workplace harassment awareness. We offer practical tools plus webinars and safety manuals. Our specialized training makes the best course of action “second nature.” In the event that a claim or lawsuit is filed, we’ll manage the process for you and assign an experienced public entity attorney to represent you.



Your Goals are Our Goals

As a member owned self-insurance pool, CIRSA is in the unique position to put members and outcomes ahead of profitability. We don’t answer to shareholders, we answer to you. We like it that way, because it lets us truly align our policies and services with your objectives, and what you tell us you need.



Get to Know CIRSA

The Colorado Intergovernmental Risk Sharing Agency (CIRSA) was formed by Colorado municipalities, for Colorado municipalities. More than 285 communities and public entities are members, because the advantages of working collectively as a community far outweigh what commercial providers offer.

By being a part of the pool, you get a lot more for your money like higher limits and comprehensive coverage. You also get the peace of mind that your community’s interests are represented. As an owner, your voice is heard.

CIRSA — Safer Together.


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If you have questions about joining or would like to request an application, please contact Shannon Pursley, Membership Services Manager, shannonp@cirsa.org

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