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Coverage For Colorado

When it comes to insuring Colorado’s municipalities and public entities, a basic policy doesn’t cut it. That’s why CIRSA creates coverage programs based on our members’ needs, so you can select a package that’s relevant to your entity.

New technologies, and changes to culture and climate, are creating new risks. We are constantly evolving our programs not only to keep pace but to anticipate risks that the future will bring. And, if there’s a type of coverage you need that we don’t already have, we will work with you to make it happen.


Coverage Options

Scholarships for Conferences and Education

Being prepared is the best way to prevent incidents. But getting the depth of training you need can sometimes be a stretch for your budget. We offer scholarships to help you offset the costs of attending a risk management and professional development conferences across the state or nationwide.




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Timothy A. Greer Endowment Fund

Your vision for improving risk management in your community shouldn’t go unrealized because you don’t have the financial resources to make it happen. CIRSA supports development of safety programs and projects through the Timothy A. Greer Endowment Fund, providing thousands of dollars to help you implement new systems, processes or improvements.


Endowment Fund


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If you would like more information on the coverage we offer or our scholarship or endowment programs, please let us know!