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September 2019

“Safer Together” is CIRSA’s motto.  Our team of loss control professionals certainly live by that motto, sharing their knowledge and experience with CIRSA members on a daily basis.

Shane Hale, Windsor Town Manager, joins the CIRSA Board of Directors.  His experience working in an array of municipalities provides members with a unique perspective to represent their best interests.  Get to know more about Shane’s background.

Do you really know what “employment at-will” means for your entity?  It’s a complicated topic, but Sam Light and Bethany Ross help guide you through some of the issues.

Elected officials have an important role as community leaders.  They also deal with complex and challenging situations.  We’ve revised and expanded our Ethics, Liability & Best Practices for Elected Officials Handbook to provide legal expertise on 10 timely topics to help maximize your effectiveness while reducing your liability.

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