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August 2018

August 2018

I’m honored to inform you that I have been named CIRSA’s new Executive Director, taking the reins from Chris Krall, who retired in April. I would like to thank the Board of Directors for the opportunity, and the CIRSA employees for their support. I am truly looking forward to serving you in my new role.

This year, we conducted 28 Hazardous Operations classroom seminars around the state and would like to remind members to reinforce those best practices learned with some hands-on training. Schedule your on-site training today with our Training & Development Coordinator, Rory Queenan at roryq@cirsa.org.

Did you know you now can pay any CIRSA invoice through our website? We have enabled electronic funds transfer via a secure portal. Find out more and establish your account today.

Finally, we introduce you to Anthony Moore, our Senior Multi-Line Claims Examiner. Get to know about the skills he brings to members, and what he enjoys outside his day job.

With heat, wildfires, hail and occasional flooding, it certainly has been a busy summer for Colorado towns and cities this year. We’re here to help!

Tami Tanoue, Executive Director

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