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October 2019

Dealing with claims is never easy, and almost always stressful. But we’re always here to help. Learn more about the friendly folks in Claims, and the many ways in which they can be a resource to you at or before the time you experience a claim.

Harassment is a perennial workplace issue. Although municipalities are at the forefront when it comes to responding to harassment complaints promptly and appropriately, we can always do better. Check out my article on rethinking our approach to harassment issues.

What do an old TV game show and workers’ compensation have in common?  Marla Myers, CIRSA Workers’ Compensation Claims Supervisor, discusses the importance of accurate job descriptions and how they can contribute to an effective return-to-work program.

Bethany Ross brings more than 15 years of claims management knowledge to the CIRSA claims department.  Read about how this mid-westerner collaborates with members, what she noticed immediately when joining CIRSA, and how she spends her free time.

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