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CIRSA Loss Alert – Share File Phishing Attacks

Sharing files via email and the internet can be an efficient way to collaborate and get things done. But not when it’s a cyber phishing attack! The most important thing to keep in mind is to be cautious about opening share file emails and any of the links within those emails, even those that appear to come from known sources.

Read our Loss Alert for more information about these two sophisticated share file phishing attacks that are making the rounds.

CIRSA Holiday Cyber Alert

We’ve noticed that phishing attacks have intensified in the last couple of days, and the fact that we’re going into a long weekend may explain the timing. With reduced holiday staffing, cyber criminals recognize that this is a time when you may be especially vulnerable.

Read our Loss Alert for more information about preventative measures against cyber attacks and what to look for in potential phishing emails.

KnowBe4 – Cyber Security Awareness Training

CIRSA has purchased KnowBe4 licenses for members to access the KnowBe4 platform at no cost to you!

KnowBe4 is the world’s largest integrated platform for cyber security awareness training. KnowBe4 offers simulated phishing attacks which can be used to test and educate employees on how to avoid ransomware, spam, phishing, and malware. The platform also teaches employees how to identify suspicious emails and provides access to a huge library of training resources and key security topics.

View the brochure for more information about how KnowBe4 can help your entity and how members can get started! All CIRSA members are eligible to participate.

For more information and to register, please contact David Beacham, IT Manager.


Managing Transparency Related Risks Webinar

As we know, transparency is a basic expectation for municipalities.  Whether or not your entity has current challenges in this area, you’ll want to check out this recent presentation from CIRSA General Counsel Sam Light.  In this video, first aired at CML’s August 2020 Virtual Annual Conference, Sam discusses some trending topics related to transparency, including cyber-attack risks, liability issues surrounding First Amendment audits, and balancing transparency and confidentiality in executive sessions. Steps your organization can take to reduce potential claims, disputes, and losses in these areas are also suggested.  Click here to watch the video presentation and here for a copy of the presentation handouts.  CIRSA Members can always contact Sam at saml@cirsa.org or 720-605-8002 with questions about the presentation or for assistance through CIRSA’s Liability Hotline.