Green Megs and Sam: Safety Awareness for New Employees Working Outdoors Video

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This 26-minute video was created to assist public entities avoid some of the risks associated with new employees working outdoors.  Various scenarios are used to show how two new workers are introduced into the safety culture at a parks department.  Topics reviewed include:

  • Personnel Policies
  • Hazard Awareness and Control
  • Environmental Hazards
  • Safe Driving Techniques
  • Emergency Procedures

To help demonstrated the above topics, the characters are shown performing various tasks using tools and equipment common to parks and forestry departments.  This includes vehicles with trailers, lawn mowers, hedge and edge trimmers, chain saws, chippers, bucket lift trucks, and ladders.  Other topics included in the video are cell phone use, proper lifting techniques, sun exposure, chemical safety, and first aid.

In addition to the video, an accompanying CD contains numerous job safety analysis (JSA) forms identifying the exposures and controls for activities performed by parks and forestry departments.

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Produced In: 2014