Facility And Personnel Security: A Comprehensive Plan For A Safer Workplace Video

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Nationwide, there has been an increase in security incidents taking place in government facilities.  Some of the more common incidents include: threats and acts of workplace violence; theft and vandalism of public property; civil disturbances and acts of terrorism; and computer and data security related incidents. In order to prevent and reduce the number of security related claims, a comprehensive facility and personnel security plan needs to be implemented.

This 21-minute video covers physical security of facilities and operations, personnel policies and procedures, threats and violence in the workplace, potentially volatile municipal activities, computer and IT security, and communication and training. The accompanying security handbook (on CD) includes sample Facility Security Checklists, a Recreation Department Criminal Background Check and Confidentiality Policy, Workplace Violence Policy, OSHA Recommendations for Workplace Violence Prevention Programs, a Court Security Audit Checklist, Computer Security Assessment Checklist, Electronic Communications Policy, and useful related website links.

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Produced In: 2010