Member Benefits

Self-insurance pools like CIRSA are different—very different—from commercial carriers. We are a member owned organization and don’t have any shareholders to answer to.  Since CIRSA is a public entity, we don’t sell through brokers, and have no motive other than serving our members. 

When you choose CIRSA, instead of just paying a premium, your annual contribution gives you an ownership stake in a pool of like-minded Colorado municipalities and affiliated public entities. And as owners, our members’ interests always come first.

CIRSA member/owners also enjoy:

  • More Insurance Coverage, Less Cost—The pool gives you the buying power of the entire membership, so you’ll get better coverage and higher limits for your money.

  • An Equity Stake that Builds—Your contribution buys an equity interest in CIRSA that can increase every year, potentially lowering your future contributions.

  • Essential Risk Management Services—From training to risk management and claims to loss control, our experienced team delivers services unmatched by traditional carriers.

  • Public Entity Expertise— For more than 30 years, we’ve served only Colorado municipalities and affiliated public entities. We understand your needs and provide coverage programs customized to meet them.

  • Friendly, Personal Attention—You’ll work with a dedicated team of risk management professionals who are ready to help by taking some of the work and worry off your plate.

Learn more by watching our video, Experience the Benefits.

Let’s Talk

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