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Onsite Training Classes (Postponed)

Unfortunately, both of CIRSA’s full-time safety trainers are unavailable until further notice. Due to this unexpected situation, we must postpone all currently scheduled training classes until we hire a replacement trainer. This does not affect any regional seminars that are conducted by our external partners, nor does it affect our Injury Prevention courses. We will begin to reschedule all courses in the order they were initially scheduled as soon as a replacement trainer is on board and up to speed. Yet, this could be as late as August of 2024.

For CDOT Flagger training, one option is to take the CDOT-approved online training course. https://onlineflagger.com/colorado-page/. This course is $95 for one person, $90 for two people each, or $80 for 3 or more people.  However, this is an independent course that is not affiliated with CIRSA, and we cannot fund any portion of this training. There are also other training organizations listed on CDOT’s website that may offer in-person classes for a reduced fee. These non-CIRSA-affiliated course providers may be found here – CDOT site locations. CIRSA will try to set up several regional CDOT flagger courses in the future, but these would require members to travel to these locations. These would not likely occur until at least June or July.

For all other training course needs, we have the CIRSA Online Training System, A Video Loaner Library, and a Streaming Video service. These can be combined with in-house training programs to accomplish member training needs.

We do apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, and we will do our best to fast-track the replacement of a quality, skilled, and experienced safety trainer.

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