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Poster – Compressed Air

Within the workplace, there are many ways to misuse compressed air that can lead to serious or life-threatening injuries. At typical working pressures of 60 to 100 psi, air can be injected into the body with catastrophic results. In most cases, the common causes of injury occur when the operator attempts to clean themselves or when they attempt to clean off surfaces without reducing the psi below the standard safe limit. It is essential to understand the risks of using compressed air and know the best practices for operating the equipment.

This poster provides tips on safe practices when using compressed air.

Poster – Work Gloves

When beginning a project or task, workers typically consider the equipment needed and often forget about gloves to protect their hands. Occupational Health & Safety states that nearly half of the nonfatal occupational injuries to upper extremities involve hands. The hand has 27 bones and 30 muscles. Healthy hands are essential to many tasks and one of the most vital tools we have. It’s important to have proper gloves within the workplace to protect the hands and prevent injuries. This poster provides tips on the proper use of work gloves.