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Cordico Wellness App for CIRSA Members

CIRSA has partnered with CORDICO to provide member police departments with a multitude of self-service mental health and wellness assessment programs. Should your agency desire to participate in the CIRSA/CORDICO App, the steps for implementation and accountability listed below will be required.

Please review both sections below for all necessary information and details. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Greg Barlow, CIRSA Loss Control Manager.

gregb@cirsa.org  |  720.605.6119 (Direct)  |  720.415.9884 (Cell)

Program Overview:

  • All CIRSA-Member Police Departments will receive free access to either an individual agency App or a more generic statewide App based on agency size. Police Departments with 75+ officers will receive an individualized app. At this time, the App is NOT available for any other departments, i.e., fire/EMS, Public Works, Parks & Recreation, etc.
  • Each police agency will be responsible for ensuring the CORDICO App is NOT provided to any other agencies nor other agency personnel, i.e., sheriff’s departments, state patrol, campus police, etc. Agencies found to have shared the App with non-CIRSA members will have their access removed. Each agency will be provided with a specific login/password to compare usage with the number of authorized users.
  • Regarding the “visibility” of users, CIRSA will NOT have access (by design) to see anyone’s name or personal information in the CORDICO App. Thus, CIRSA will not know which officers use the App. CIRSA will periodically ensure that the number of authorized users matches the approved number of officers per member per year. Neither CIRSA nor CORDICO will give any user information to an entity’s risk management, safety, HR, legal, or other internal departments. The user will remain completely anonymous.
  • Upon receiving the required information (listed below), CIRSA will individually approve each agency for participation with CORDICO. Approvals are processed in groups; some members will receive the App earlier than others. We will roll out the App as fast as possible and do so in the order that we have received the required member information.
  • CIRSA has contracted directly with CORDICO. Any member that has already purchased CORDICO directly from the vendor will need to discuss future options with CORDICO. CIRSA will not reimburse any agency for independent contracts, nor will CIRSA subsidize any agency for independent contracts and/or use of a different App, provider, etc. Additionally, no agency has the authority to upgrade to additional fee-based services as an addendum to CIRSA’s contract.

What We Need From You:

  • To utilize the CORDICO App, each member entity must assign one person as an “agency coordinator.” This person will serve as the project manager for the implementation and rollout of the App. This “agency coordinator” must be a police department staff member.
  • A spreadsheet or document must be provided listing the full name of every officer, command staff member, marshal, chief, etc., that will be given access to the CORDICO App. We do not need badge numbers, emails, phone numbers, or any other information. We will ask that each agency updates this list anytime staff change or, at minimum, once per year.
  • CIRSA will compare the list provided to our records of employed officers by agency, and approval will then be granted for CORDICO to start the implementation process with that agency. Again, this will be done in sequence, so individual entity implementation may not begin immediately upon approval but rather in the order received.

After your entity has been approved, the CORDICO team and/or a CIRSA representative will reach out to schedule an implementation call, a virtual meeting, or an onsite visit.