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2022 Cyber Security Seminars – Recap

This year, CIRSA held four Cyber Security Seminars presented by Jim Kilmer, Partner & Division Director of the OPAL Group. These seminars were designed to show CIRSA members how to implement, train, and manage cybersecurity processes without breaking the bank.

If you were unable to attend any of the seminars or would like to share the presentation with other members of your organization, video presentations are provided below:

Demystifying Cyber Security for Non-Technical Personnel

CIRSA will provide additional cybersecurity seminars next year, so keep an eye out for our 2023 Training & Seminar schedule!

Jim Kilmer brings 27 years of experience in Software Engineering and IT Security to improve business processes and data security awareness in small-to-medium enterprises. His focus is on educating non-technical managers and staff on the need for creating a data security culture within their organization and running a “Geek to English” translation service for stakeholders struggling to understand the complexities of modern information security. He leads a team of software developers and IT specialists serving a client base spanning three continents for various industries, including manufacturing, insurance, risk management, and financial services.

Tami’s Lunch Bunch – Magic 8 Ball Version (Event Recap)

Presented by Tami Tanoue, CIRSA Executive Director

If you were unable to attend Tami’s Lunch Bunch: Magic 8-Ball Version, don’t worry! The training presentation can now be located on the CIRSASafety YouTube channel.

The training and discussion, The Lunch Bunch: Magic 8-Ball Version, will include an interactive exploration of risk management threats and opportunities on the horizon for CIRSA members. The more we can tap into your thoughts, concerns, and ideas, the less we’ll have to rely on the Magic 8-Ball for answers!

To watch the full presentation, click here. The presentation slides are available to download and can also be located in the YouTube video’s description.