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CIRSA Injury Prevention Symposium

CIRSA is excited to announce the release of the 2022 Injury Prevention Symposium. These events have been organized to assist members in the development and basic administration of an overall safety and health program. Utilizing a case study format, our speakers will cover the topics listed below in a methodology that will allow members to use the information to build and/or improve your new or existing programs. From developing a training program matrix to following up on injuries via an incident investigation process, we are certain the seven modules will be of value to your continuous improvement efforts.

  • Module One – CIRSA Services & Resources
  • Module Two – A Day in the Life – Training Logistics
  • Module Three – Hierarchy of Controls
  • Module Four – Using a JSA: Step by Step Safety
  • Module Five – Strong Core = Slip No More
  • Module Six – The Lone Wolf: Can Solo Operations Be Safe?
  • Module Seven – Incident Investigations: Identifying the Root Cause

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