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What is Flood Zone “A” and Why You Should Care

Flood zones are geographic areas defined by FEMA which are categorized by the potential risk for flooding at a particular location. There are several different types of flood zones. However, CIRSA’s most recent blog post discusses Flood Zone A, or any zone that starts with the letter A. Flood Zone A is an area determined by FEMA to have a 1 percent annual chance of flooding in any given year. Generally, but not always, these areas are located relatively close to rivers and other drainages. Many CIRSA Members have buildings in this flood zone, and this blog post aims to explain how flood coverage is altered for certain buildings in this zone.

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Hazard Alert – Toxic Mold

Molds are a type of fungi that grow almost everywhere and are widely distributed in both natural and artificial environments. There are thousands of known species, but all require moisture for growth. Within buildings or homes, mold growth usually occurs after flooding or some other type of water leak. Mold that is allowed to grow and colonize indoors will eventually cause the destruction of building materials and may cause adverse health effects for the occupants. Read our Toxic Mold Hazard Alert for tips on how to prevent the growth of mold within your buildings and safety precautions for your employees.