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Extreme Temperature Alert

Extreme Temperature Alert

Winter weather increases the risk of employee injuries, burst pipes, collapsed roofs, and vehicle damage. Extreme cold and more snow is moving into Colorado this weekend. The Governor has issued a verbal disaster declaration.

At CIRSA, we often see extensive freeze-related damage to member buildings that are either vacant or only have intermittent occupancy. So, make sure to:

  • Protect the water supply going into the building. Shut off water to fixtures not in use, if feasible (of course, do not shut off the supply to fire protection).
  • Maintain an adequate level of heating in the building.
  • Check the building regularly so that you can discover any water leaks promptly.
  • If there’s snow, check for and deal with excessive snow buildup and ice dams on the roof.

Also check out these easy-to-share CIRSA-developed resources that will help you and your staff mitigate risk:

If you are subject to a workers’ compensation or property/casualty claim, CIRSA’s Claim Department is available 24/7/365. If you have an event that occurs within or outside normal business hours, please contact us immediately for assistance. Call (303) 757-5475 or (800) 228-7136; if it’s after normal business hours, an answering service will immediately forward your call to a Claims representative.

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