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Board Governance Policy

Operational Transparency and Member Equity

In 2015, the CIRSA Board of Directors and Management Team worked with Aligned Influence to develop a Board Governance Policy. This policy aligns the responsibilities by which the Board and Executive Director operate. Specific Direct, Protect and Enable Policies were created within the Governance Policy to help define the key roles of the Board and Executive Director. The Direct Policy defines what is to be accomplished; the Protect Policy defines operational boundaries in key operational areas; and the Enable Policy creates relationships for which the Board advocates and develop resources for the organization.

The Board Governance Policy will provide an effective governance policy for years to come. It is a living document that is reviewed annually and updated as needed. Other organizations, including municipal governments, can benefit from developing a similar policy.

Contact Mary Beth Brown, marybethb@cirsa.org, if you would like more information about the development and implementation process.


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