Loss Control

As a CIRSA member, you’ll get access to a host of loss control services, all delivered by certified professionals, at no cost to you. These services combine to help you improve employee and public safety, prevent claims, and also minimize losses for the entire CIRSA pool— keeping your contributions down.

Here are some of the loss control services you can choose:  

Staff Training 

Keep your whole team up-to-date on the latest loss control topics with our all-encompassing safety and liability training resources.

  • Onsite Classes—Get professional training without traveling. Our training & development coordinator will conduct personalized classes on most any safety or liability topic in your office.

  • Regional Seminars—Join us for a seminar near you on the latest loss control topics. We hit the road several times a year to conduct these specialized seminars.

  • Member Training Library—Enjoy unlimited access to our extensive members-only library. It includes a wide variety of educational materials, including more than 300 training videos and handbooks.

  • Online Training—Take advantage of more than 70 online safety and liability classes for training on your terms, 24/7/365.

  • Monthly Webinars—Dial in every month for our regular training series, discussing a variety of critical loss control and liability topics. 

Policy & Procedure Development

To prevent losses, make sure your policies and procedures are up-to-date by using our samples and recommendations.

  • Sample Documents—Download sample policy and procedure documents covering a variety of risk management and safety topics, and then customize them to fit your needs. 

  • Recommended Standards—Implement CIRSA’s Loss Control Standards—our recommended policies and procedures—to keep your losses to a minimum. When you do, you’ll get cash or credit toward future contributions, equipment, or training.

Liability Claim Prevention

Enhance the safety of your properties through our survey reports and industrial hygiene services.

  • Property Surveys—Let CIRSA inspect your buildings and playgrounds to make sure they’re safe. After a comprehensive review of exposures, we’ll document everything in a written report.

  • Industrial Hygiene—Minimize workplace health hazards. Our certified industrial hygienist can help you with program development, evaluations, and training for everything from ergonomics to vehicle emissions.

Let’s Talk

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