About Us

We’re unlike any other insurance solution. As a member-owned self-insurance pool, the Colorado Intergovernmental Risk Sharing Agency (CIRSA) has been serving Colorado municipalities and affiliated public entities since 1982. Today, our members trust us to provide affordable coverage, risk management services, and personal attention that the big commercial carriers can’t deliver.

Risk Sharing

Pooling decreases your risk by helping to absorb the financial impact of claims.  By being a part of the pool, our members also get a lot more for their money, like higher limits and quality coverage. You’ll enjoy:

  • Peace of mind, knowing our experts are negotiating for you.

  • Consistent costs, from year to year as the pool helps balance out changes in the insurance market

  • Comprehensive coverage for property, liability, workers’ compensation, and customizable coverages specifically for your needs.

Member-Owned Organization

When you become a CIRSA member, you become a CIRSA owner. You’ll gain: 

  • Owner Equity— CIRSA is owned by you – our members – not outside shareholders. Your annual premium, which we call a contribution, goes toward paying your share of the pool’s claims. This means you build equity from any money left after all claims have been paid. That equity is re-invested to increase your benefits—and lower your contributions when possible.

  • Owner Governance—As an owner, your voice is heard. You elect our Board of Directors, which includes people from communities of all sizes, all across Colorado—so you can be confident that your community’s interests are represented.

With CIRSA, you’ll experience the value of ownership in every product and program, in every conversation you have with us, and in every success we celebrate together.