Ethics, Liability & Best Practices Handbook for Elected Officials

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If you’ve stepped up to the challenges of serving as an elected official in your community, congratulations! You’re dedicating your energy, wisdom, and experience towards making your city or town the best it can be. But the job of an elected official is not an easy one and, if done improperly, can result in liability for your entity, yourself, or both.

In this publication, Tami Tanoue, CIRSA’s Executive Director, discusses many of the issues of greatest concern to elected officials from the standpoint of maximizing excellence and effectiveness, while minimizing the risk of liability. Her perspective is informed by decades of service to municipalities, individually and collectively. I think you’ll find her writing to be engaging, on-point, and light on the legalese.

Noted municipal attorney Robert Widner of the firm of Widner, Michow & Cox, LLP contributes a chapter on ethics in local government. He provides practical suggestions for dealing with the difficult ethical issues that elected officials must face. We appreciate his contribution to this publication.

At CIRSA, we pride ourselves on partnering with our member local governments on a wide range of risk management matters. Our services range from providing property, liability, and workers’ compensation coverage, to managing claims, assisting in controlling your losses, providing training to elected officials and staff, and consulting on virtually every liability-related topic.


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