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Safer Together with Martee Erichson

Safer Together with Martee Erichson

Our 2019 initiative, Safer Together, aims to help our members improve employee safety and reduce claims. But what exactly does Safer Together mean? We sat down with Martee Erichson, CIRSA Board Chairperson, to discuss what our new tagline means to her.

Martee has worked as a Risk Manager for the City of Westminster, a CIRSA member, for over 17 years. She has also served on our board of directors for 15 years and as the chairperson of the board for the last five years.

Through the years, CIRSA has helped Martee promote a safety culture in Westminster and develop a safer place to live and work. “I’ve always viewed CIRSA as a great partner when it comes to safety and loss control,” Martee said.

For any event or new service offering—hosting a concert or adding a climbing wall to a recreation center—CIRSA is one of her first phone calls because they help her determine the best and safest path to accomplish her organization’s goals. CIRSA is her ally before and after something happens.

Martee also discussed how each CIRSA member contributes to being safer together and the overall success of the organization. Members can directly influence how the pool performs, which in turn impacts finances, contributions and loss control audit credits. Martee also depends on her fellow CIRSA members for advice and insight on job-related questions or issues.

“Together, we can keep employees safer and minimize losses and liabilities,” said Martee. “The whole network is working together for a common cause and we all benefit from safer practices!”

What does Safer Together mean to you? We would love to hear from you! We can also connect you to other members who can help you navigate hurdles you may be facing. Please share your stories or questions with Courtney Fagan.

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