Property/Casualty Online Claim Filing Updates

We’ve updated and redesigned our Property/Casualty (PC) Notice of Loss information to make it even easier to use.  Once you’ve logged into Origami and selected the option to file a claim, simply follow these steps to enter your claim data online. 

  1. Enter all event details on the top portion of the Origami screen.
  2. Answer the newly formatted claim type questions on the bottom portion of the screen by selecting ‘Yes’ to all claim types that are appropriate for your claim entry.
  3. Once each question has been marked with ‘Yes’ select the ‘Save and Continue’ button under the question to move to the next step.
  4. Located under each question that was marked ‘Yes’ a new link in the form of a statement  with a plus sign is now present to add the incident details.  For example; +Add a new Member Vehicle and Driver to the Event will be under the Do you want to report damage to one or more of your autos? claim type question.
  5. Click on the new link to enter the specific claim data for that claim type.
  6. When the claim specific data has been entered select the ‘Complete Incident’ button at the top right to save and return to the previous screen. 
  7. Continue with this process until all claim type questions that have been answered with a ‘Yes’ have been completed.
  8. When all claim type questions have been completed you will need to do a final save by selecting ‘Yes’ to the ‘Submission Complete’ question at the bottom of the page and then click on the ‘Submit Event’ at the top right corner.
  9. Now that the submit has been done you will receive a PC Notice of Loss form via email and the CIRSA claims department will be notified of the new claim.

A resource we have available is our tutorial video on How to File Property/Casualty Claims.   

If you’ve saved a copy of the old PDF form to your computer, delete it and log in to Origami next time you need to file a claim.  Don’t have access to our online claim filing system? Contact Steve Dellerba at He’ll send you a registration form to complete.

If you have technical questions about Origami and filing claims online, contact Trace Fieseler at 800.228.7136.

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