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Member Safety Program Profile: Michelle Eddy, Town of Blue River

Member Safety Program Profile: Michelle Eddy, Town of Blue River

The Town of Blue River is a beautiful mountain community located alongside the Ten Mile Range in Summit County. Its 914 residents enjoy hiking/biking trails and exclusive use of the Goose Tarn Pasture for water activities including kayaking. Blue River is just a few minutes away from skiing in Breckenridge, and within an hour of several world-class trout fishing rivers.

Michelle Eddy has been the Administrator/Clerk of Blue River since 2014. With a dedicated staff of only 4 full-time employees and 1 part-time employee, Blue River works hard to provide the highest level of services for the Town and its residents. She’s faced various management challenges, including ensuring the adequate segregation of duties in financial functions. Michelle, in collaboration with the Town’s Board of Trustees, has developed and implemented a new financial control policy to maximize the segregation of duties.

Michelle noted, “The segregation of financial duties is a key element for ensuring proper accountability in the receipt and expenditure of Town funds. Our policy is intended to reduce the risk that funds will be lost or stolen, or that someone will be falsely accused of improprieties in the handling of funds.”

To create the policy, Michelle worked with her CIRSA Loss Control Representative, John Colvin, to establish a process to safeguard Blue River’s finances. Michelle observed, “Blue River’s policy shows that even with a small number of staff, the segregation of financial duties is possible.”

Michelle believes that collaborating with CIRSA and sharing information with other CIRSA members fosters a safer environment for everyone. “Our partnership with CIRSA helps enable us to operate on the same level as larger municipalities,” Michelle said. “Despite being a small town with limited staff and budget, we have received the training and resources we need to implement best practices and protect ourselves.”

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