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Board Retreat: Advancing CIRSA Into the Future

Board Retreat: Advancing CIRSA Into the Future

By Tami Tanoue, CIRSA Executive Director

The CIRSA Board held its annual retreat on January 23-25, 2019. Discussions focused on ensuring and enhancing CIRSA’s relevance to our members, with an emphasis on ways to customize our offerings to members’ specific needs.

Accompanying the Board were the CIRSA management team and CIRSA’s actuaries and property/casualty broker. The retreat was facilitated by Erica Spoor and Rebecca Garrett of Impact Point.

The retreat began with reports on some of the external conditions impacting CIRSA and our members. One of those conditions is the increasing frequency and severity of hailstorm activity in Colorado. CIRSA has had two record years in a row for hail claims, including over $15 million in hail claims in 2018. These claims, which occur primarily within the eastern half of the state, have impacted the availability and affordability of property coverage.

Another condition, affecting law enforcement services in Colorado and across the nation, is the increasing challenge of dealing with law enforcement liability claims. The public climate, media coverage, trends in jury awards, and the ubiquity of cameras, are some of the factors adding complexities to the law enforcement liability picture. These factors are among the drivers of the increased difficulty and expense of defending and/or settling police claims, and in the increased cost of liability coverage.

Our members are also becoming increasingly sophisticated in risk management issues, as they experience growth in their organizations and their communities. We serve a diverse array of members, from the very small to the very large, and you don’t all have the same needs. A “one size fits all” approach to providing coverage and services may not be the optimal approach going forward.

Given these and other factors, the Board retreat presented a great opportunity to begin re-thinking and re-inventing CIRSA for 2020 and beyond. Areas we’ll be exploring as a result of the discussions include:

  • How to fairly allocate among our members the increased costs of claims resulting from hailstorms and similar regionalized phenomena;
  • How to provide more options for high-deductible members who would like to self-handle some of their claims;
  • How to tailor loss control and other services to the specific needs of members; and
  • How to further simplify our application and renewal application processes.

The Board’s discussion and direction will inform a new set of strategic goals for CIRSA that we’ll be working on in 2019 and beyond. We’re excited to dive into these goals, and will be seeking your feedback and input on how we can maintain and enhance our relevance to you.

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