2018 Achievements & Enhancements

2018 Achievements & Enhancements

We are dedicated to keeping CIRSA innovative and always working to improve our members experience—and 2018 was no exception. Our achievements and enhancements last year allow us to better serve our members with excellence, and we are eager to share them with you.

Here are some exciting accomplishments from 2018:

  • Through subrogation and restitution, CIRSA’s claims staff worked tirelessly to pursue and collect funds from at-fault parties for damages sustained to members. In 2018, we recovered over $1.6 million dollars for our members. For members with hail damage in 2018, we were able to renew our rebate with Malarkey Roofing for high impact resistant Class 4 shingles. The rebate is $5 per square of roofing material and is payable directly to the affected member.
  • Membership services launched a new website that allows members to customize their dashboard and register for events more efficiently. Members can also access safety resources with ease through a new dynamic search feature.
  • Through courses, seminars and trainings, our loss control team equips members with the tools they need to help reduce claims and improve employee safety.Last year, our loss control team:
    • Conducted more than 180 on-site safety courses
    • Provided on-site training for over 3,200 members’ employees
    • Held seven police liability and roundtable meetings
    • Conducted six safety forums and two fall safety symposiums
    • Offered three ADA coordinator workshops
    • Performed 30 Hazardous Operations seminars
    • Reached over 10,000 member employees who took more than 20,000 online courses
  • Our underwriting team implemented a new system through Origami that will make the renewal and audits process more efficient for members.  This new system is faster, more robust, and integrated with our claims system making everything you may need available in one efficient location. It is no longer browser specific and provides an abundant amount of potential moving forward.
  • We launched online bill pay to make it easier and more secure for members to pay their contributions.

We are looking forward to the year ahead and we will continue to strive for excellence and growth in 2019.

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