Timothy A. Greer Endowment Fund

The objective of the Timothy A. Greer Endowment Fund is to provide financial support to CIRSA member entities in promoting excellence in risk management

To be considered for an award, a member entity must submit a proposal outlining a project, process, improvement, or system which, upon establishment, will satisfy a safety or risk management related goal.  Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Education/Training
  • Equipment/Machinery
  • Compliance with a safety/health regulation
  • Operations
  • Protection/Prevention
  • Publications
  • Compliance with a CIRSA Loss Control Standard

Award Amount:
The CIRSA Board of Directors have allocated $12,000 to the Timothy A. Greer Endowment Fund for 2018.  This amount may be awarded to a single entity or split among multiple entities at the discretion of the committee.

To Apply:
Please complete the application and include a copy of your proposal, which specifically outlines: the scope of the project; how it relates to risk management or safety; costs associated with implementation; time line; staff members involved; beneficiaries of the finished product; and any other supporting documentation.

Review Process:
A committee consisting of the CIRSA Executive Director, the Secretary-Treasurer of the CIRSA Board of Directors; and one additional committee member selected by the Board shall select the recipient(s) of the award.

Recipient's Responsibilities:
CIRSA will reimburse the entity for expenses related to implementing the risk management/safety project or program.  Members must submit receipts for each expense incurred and will be reimbursed a maximum of the specified award amount.  If the total award amount is not needed, unused monies will be kept in the Endowment Fund for future awards. 

Recipients will be responsible for funding the expenses not covered or exceeding the Endowment Fund award.  This award is not transferable and CIRSA will not provide reimbursement if the project is not accomplished.

Application Deadline:
Applications will be reviewed annually and must be submitted by April 6, 2018.

Please submit your application along with any supporting documentation to Courtney Fagan at courtneyf@cirsa.org