Claims Assistance

When liability issues arise, it can be hard to know how to respond. That’s why at CIRSA, we hope you’ll call us early and often to take advantage of our holistic approach to handling claims.

Pre-Claim Consultation
We’ll help you resolve just about any issue—no matter how sensitive or complex—before it turns into a claim. By calling our free liability hotline, you can consult with our General Counsel on a variety of liability-related topics, including:

  • Employment Issues

  • Contract Review

  • Land Use Liability

  • Law Enforcement Liability

  • Workers' Compensation Issues

Claims Management
When a claim or lawsuit does surface, you can rely on our team:

  • Experienced claims representatives help you manage every part of the process, from initial investigation to final resolution.

  • Panel of expert defense attorneys apply their expertise to resolving your case.

Let’s Talk
To learn more, please complete a Request for More Information form, or call our Claims Department at 800.228.7136 or 303.757.5475.